Sexy Singles Schwingle & Thrupples Thursday

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Sexy singles couples and Thrupples (threesomes) need love, too, and this monthly party is designed for them to come experience Club Privata and explore the sex positive lifestyle.

Rules of engagement are simple!

  • Ask before you approach anyone
  • Obtain their consent
  • Have an open mind!

We are all curious, so let's add some Schwingle to the lives of Singles, Couples and Thrupples!

  • MMF Thrupples are defined are 2 men and 1 woman.
  • MFF thrupples are defined as 2 women and 1 man. 

Club Privata hours of operation will be 7 pm – 11 pm with limited capacity.

Club Privata recommends purchasing tickets online as tickets at the door are not guaranteed.

Club Privata will adhere to COVID protocols by taking guest temperatures, requiring guests to wear masks and by encouraging social distancing. If you have been exposed to COVID or are not feeling well, please stay home. Questions may be directed to or to the Front Desk staff upon arrival.