Little Slutty Dress Party

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The name says it all!  One of our most popular parties is Little Black Dress, but this is a slutty takeover party and who wants to wear black in July? So, we're calling it Little Slutty Dress!? Too far? Wait don't you have a little cute dress that is just a little too revealing? Too hootchy? Too, well, slutty? Well get it out of the drawer and slide into it and wear it on this night and show the crowd who puts can wear a barely there dress and do it proud! The Little Black...Slutty Dress Party! This Saturday at Club Privata! Where men come dressed to impress and ladies wear their favorite Littlest Dress! No slut shaming please - it's what our guests do best!
Couples $80.00 
Single Female $20.00 
Single Male $110.00 (Limit 10)
Membership Required

Club Privata hours of operation 8 pm – 3 am 
Last Entry 2am