Halloween Party Mezzanine VIP Suite

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Be the VIP of the party and make sure you always have your own play space!

Available nightly, the VIP mezzanine suite is a seductive private room that is located on the 2nd floor with large windows that are perfect for those that love to put on a show.

The mezzanine VIP suite is available for rent for the from the time Club Privata  opens until close.  Once rented, members can come and go as they please and know that the VIP suite is theirs for the taking when they want to have their own sexy private party.

Rent our mezzanine VIP Suite and Be In the Heart of All Our Sexy Play Space!
Suite is decorated with custom sheets, private entry and complimentary champagne! Invite your friends and live like a VIP at Club Privata!

Absolutely no refunds on VIP Suite reservations.