Club Privata + SheBop Class: AJ and Gretchen's Sex Toy Masterclass

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Class Date: Friday, February 8th
Class Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

Please arrive 15 mins early to check-in.

Theme for the February 8th Friday Night Party is Menage a Trois.

Class Description: Everybody knows how to use sex toys, right? Turns out, when talking to people at She Bop and online, there are still a lot of myths around sex toy use and limiting ideas about how to use certain products. For example: Can you get addicted to toys? Are vibrators only for solo use or just for clits? There are thousands of toys out there, and just as many questions and misconceptions.

Even if you think you know it all, perhaps you would benefit from more inspiration
for creative ways to use sex toys. Whatever the case, let sex toy mavens, Amory
Jane and Gretchen Leigh, answer all of your questions and give you LIVE sex toy
reviews! We'll be bringing dozens of products from She Bop to check out (and
will even raffle one off to a lucky winner) along with toys from our own
collections. This workshop will have explicit demos and real-life orgasms -- you
have been warned (or persuaded)!)