Dress Code

Club Privata is an upscale nightclub, so we ask that all members please dress accordingly.

While sexy attire is certainly encouraged, we highly recommend that you dress to impress. Please understand that our policies are in place, not only to maintain our high club standards, but to ensure the enjoyment of all guests.

​Our dress code will be strictly enforced and should be reviewed prior to your visit to Club Privata.

Our entrance staff have the discretion to make the determination on appropriate clothing. Much of that discretion will be based on the presentation of all clothing.

Theme Events – We encourage people to have fun with their dress. We will have some events, like Naughty School Girl, where you can forget about the normal dress code.

In the case of new members who are unfamiliar with our dress code, we recognize that there are times when it is reasonable to make an exception. We may allow a one-time exception for the guest, and explain the dress code to them for their future visits.

We feel our dress code increases the overall experience for most members and increases the opportunities for a person to have fun. Our compass of common sense recognizes there is a time, place and manner for waiving the standard dress code

Sexy, Flirty, Sassy!…Skirts, Slacks, Designer Jeans, Booty Shorts, Lingerie, Dresses, Blouses, Halters, Hose & Heels, Sexy Stilettos & Flats, Thighs & Boots...whatever makes you feel sexy & sassy.

Women must always wear shoes at all times. If you feel like your sexy heels aren't going to be wearable all night, bring some cute flats to stow in your locker!

Casual Slacks, Designer Jeans, Dress Kilts (no utili-kilts) Collared Button Down Shirt, Pull-Over Collared Shirt, Dress Shoes, Designer Boots or Upscale Modern Comfort Shoes. NO t-shirts, NO exceptions.

Hats or head-coverings may not be worn at Club Privata. This includes sports hats, cowboy hats, bandannas, etc. Religious and medically necessary head-coverings are welcome.

All athletic style shoes must be clean and a solid color.

Examples of non-acceptable shoes:
typical white running-style shoes, basketball style shoes, foam/plastic style flip-flops, work style boots, or any footwear that is dirty, overly worn, or generally unsafe or out of character for the club environment. Men may not wear any open toe shoes.

Men may not wear shorts, regardless of style or theme of the party (except beach party).

Men must remain fully clothed unless they are in the middle of a sex act.