COVID-19 Information

Hello Privatans:


The team at Club Privata appreciates your support as we reopen during Phase 1 which has some pretty significant restrictions. We’ve been open two weeks and wanted to share some feedback and post some updates.


  • Club Privata will continue to observe best practices to meet the recommendations set by the CDC and Oregon Health Department including:
    • Temperature checks will be given to all guests upon entry.
    • Guests will sign a COVID-19 waiver when entering club.
    • Guests that have symptoms or take care of family member or friend with symptoms are being asked to stay home.
    • Guests will be seated upon arrival. Seating is available on a first come/first served basis. Please let our staff know the number in your party and we’ll do our best to keep your group together.
    • Face masks are required. No debate. No argument. This includes all times when you are not eating or drinking.           ‍
    • Social distancing of 6-feet between guests will be observed and we will set up seating with social distancing in mind.
    • We will sanitize all high touch areas like your table and seating on a regular basis.
    • Those who do not follow our directions or guidelines may be asked to leave. No refunds will be provided.
    • If you wish to bring a group, please know groups are defined as up to 6 people.
    • Private room and high touch areas will be regularly sanitized.
  • We are a Club designed for human interaction, so while we will observe the above best practices, we realize that people want to meet and connect at the club. We just ask that you socially distance until both guests/groups are comfortable making closer contact. Use a face mask that covers mouth and nose at all times and if you wish to get closer, please go to a private room where the degree of intimate contact is up to you and anyone else you are with.
  • By getting more intimate with a guest you are assuming the responsibility and risk associated with getting closer otherwise don’t mingle.

In closing, please remember we’re all in this together and like everyone else we’re adapting to our environment and as the Pandemic changes we will change also. Help us being make reasonable decisions and be cautious when meeting new people. Use best practices as appropriate and always make informed consent your objective. Thanks, and welcome to Club Privata and thanks for supporting our community.