We Are Back!

After 7 months of pandemic closure, Club Privata is proud to announce our Phase 1 re-opening on Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 17th. Our staff and teams are returning, so we want to start slow and prepare for Phase 2 when we can hopefully have more guests and stay open later. For now, guest count is limited to 100, so we’re offering tickets online (this is the best way to guarantee you can attend this weekend and all future events), but we will have limited tickets at the door for you to purchase with F—k Bucks and cash. Note: capacity is limited, so buying at the door may require a wait until other guests leave, so please plan accordingly.

    Please note we have discontinued our buffet as required by the Health Department, but menu service is available during hours of operation. Finally, if you have a membership that was interrupted or renewed and has yet to begin – all memberships will start running on your first visit back to the Club, so don’t be concerned! Thanks for your support! We hope to see you soon at Club Privata!!

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